A Real Life Review of Nokia Lumia 920 in India

After using the Nokia Lumia 920 for almost a week, I have come to some conclusions and I cannot go on without re-iterating that it is a definite iPhone Killer. 

So to start with, I will compliment Nokia on designing a super sensitive touch screen. I have used my phones and trust me thus is the best touch screen out there. The light sensors are really intelligent, the brightness of the screen automatically adjusts to the surrounding. It is really easy on the eyes if you are watching a video in the night with lights off.

I tested the offline GPS and first time I used it, the signal got lost. The second time when I used it, it worked fine. So, my take on this is that the Nokia Drive application which is the Offline Maps Application for this phone is still in Beta so things will improve with each upcoming version. I am staying in India so this confirms that offline GPS works here.

The sound quality of the external speakers is decent. I won't say it is the best but yes it is decent and does the job well if you are watching videos or listening to music. The speaker phone is also very audible and clear.

The TuneIn Radio application is simply amazing and very entertaining. You can access online radio stations from all over the world. I have tested it on a WiFi connection with 768 kbps speed and it works flawless and the sound quality is very good.

Nokia Music Unlimited is a very good service. The phone comes with an year's subscription of unlimited music download free of cost. So, you can download tonnes of music from all over the world. I have already downloaded a couple hundred songs. The best part of this service is the availability of some very rare songs in every genre. Just search and download. Moreover, Nokia Music Store is too fast on this phone compared to all its other phones. It generally takes a lot of time for the downloads to start on phones like Nokia N8, Nokia 5800, etc. On this phone, the moment you tap on the song, it is immediately downloaded.

Even the Store App is really fast. However, the apps and games are mostly paid or you need to download trial versions of them. You do not even have the free versions of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. On Nokia Belle OS, you will find many premium games that are free. The XBox game prices range from 160 INR to 360 INR. The prices for apps start from 55 INR.

The Internet Explorer 10 is amazingly fast, I tested opening many websites and I found websites opened faster than on my desktop even with the same speed. The browser does not allow downloading videos directly from the download link as a file rather it directly opens it in player. I am trying to find a way to get the videos as a file.

I also happened to see a bug with the Music Player wherein the sound was too low and I could not increase it. I tried playing videos and the sound was perfectly fine but the music player kept playing at a very low volume. So, I restarted the phone and the problem was solved. I have seen this happening twice so far and each time I had used the Nokia Music Store immediately before using the music player, however, I was not able to recreate this problem with any specific sequence of steps.

YouTube videos play really well on this phone at high resolution. I never found it getting stuck in between for any reason. I use a speed of 768 kbps and play directly from m.youtube.com which opens the video in the video player.

The network and call quality is excellent and I did not find any issue with it. I use Idea Cellular in India with this phone.

The Nokia Suite is still not compatible with this phone and may be available soon. However, you can transfer data using the 'Transfer My Data' app from another phone to this phone. You can use the Windows Phone App on your desktop machine to sync data between the phone and the PC.

I have still not tested the Wireless charging, as the accessories are still not available and they are really priced on the higher side for this phone. 

The camera takes really good picture in low lighting. The videos are good too. I have not used the camera very extensively but I did love the 'Smart Shoot' feature.

So, overall, I am really happy with the phone. The Windows Mobile 8 OS is really amazing and fast.
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